Source code for plexapi.config

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import os
from collections import defaultdict
from configparser import ConfigParser

from plexapi import utils

[docs]class PlexConfig(ConfigParser): """ PlexAPI configuration object. Settings are stored in an INI file within the user's home directory and can be overridden after importing plexapi by simply setting the value. See the documentation section 'Configuration' for more details on available options. Parameters: path (str): Path of the configuration file to load. """ def __init__(self, path): ConfigParser.__init__(self) = self._asDict()
[docs] def get(self, key, default=None, cast=None): """ Returns the specified configuration value or <default> if not found. Parameters: key (str): Configuration variable to load in the format '<section>.<variable>'. default: Default value to use if key not found. cast (func): Cast the value to the specified type before returning. """ try: # First: check environment variable is set envkey = f"PLEXAPI_{key.upper().replace('.', '_')}" value = os.environ.get(envkey) if value is None: # Second: check the config file has attr section, name = key.lower().split('.') value =, {}).get(name, default) return utils.cast(cast, value) if cast else value except: # noqa: E722 return default
def _asDict(self): """ Returns all configuration values as a dictionary. """ config = defaultdict(dict) for section in self._sections: for name, value in self._sections[section].items(): if name != '__name__': config[section.lower()][name.lower()] = value return dict(config)
[docs]def reset_base_headers(): """ Convenience function returns a dict of all base X-Plex-* headers for session requests. """ import plexapi return { 'X-Plex-Platform': plexapi.X_PLEX_PLATFORM, 'X-Plex-Platform-Version': plexapi.X_PLEX_PLATFORM_VERSION, 'X-Plex-Provides': plexapi.X_PLEX_PROVIDES, 'X-Plex-Product': plexapi.X_PLEX_PRODUCT, 'X-Plex-Version': plexapi.X_PLEX_VERSION, 'X-Plex-Device': plexapi.X_PLEX_DEVICE, 'X-Plex-Device-Name': plexapi.X_PLEX_DEVICE_NAME, 'X-Plex-Client-Identifier': plexapi.X_PLEX_IDENTIFIER, 'X-Plex-Language': plexapi.X_PLEX_LANGUAGE, 'X-Plex-Sync-Version': '2', 'X-Plex-Features': 'external-media', }